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Meet the Founder

Dr. Tyne Orí is a trained counseling psychologist, researcher, published author, and expert consultant that has devoted her life and career to the upliftment of Afrikan people. She sees the future success of Afrikan people being beholden to our knowledge and acceptance of self that will lead to our mutual self-actualization leading to collective actualization.

Dr. Orí is a is a native of San Bernardino, CA. She attended Howard University and is a two-time Bison, graduating with her bachelors and Ph.D. 

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Our Journey's Mission

Orí Wellness works with all people to support healing for People of African Descent, nationally and internationally. Our work is inspired by the marginalization of Black people globally.  The psyches of people of African descent have been stained by the internalization of pejorative stereotypes, systemic enforcement of policies that are inherently anti-Black/African, and internalized misrepresentations of African people from diverse backgrounds. Orí Wellness is invested in producing quality research, engaging in practice, and building programs that provide social and emotional resources for youth and adults of African descent who are interested in liberating themselves from colonized mindsets and embracing self-acceptance and self-awareness.

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